Sophie Saturday 

From time to time I try and take a couple of hours to do something one on one with the kids. We’ll go to lunch, or bowling, or some other activity where we can spend a little time together without anyone interrupting. Jack and Izzy are pretty vocal about expressing when they want to go, or if it’s their turn, and of course I spend every single school day one on one with Bebe, but Sophie isn’t as assertive. Case in point, I’ve been meaning to take her to lunch for over a month, and we just haven gotten around to it. But she never once complained!

So today, FINALLY, it was her turn for a little special time. We went to the new taco place a few blocks away (that’s where she always wants to go), and had a nice little lunch.

She put away TWO tacos, plus an entire serving of sopapillas. Not to shabby for my little Soph!

It didn’t even take her an excruciatingly long time to finish, which is usually the biggest issue of any meal with her. Glaciers typically move faster.

Pretty perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Good food and some quality time with one of my best girls? Can’t ask for more!


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