Bootiful Halloween Nails

I love nail polish. I love nail art. I love things that make having pretty nails quick and easy. I also have three girls who love these things (except maybe caring if things are quick and easy because I’m the one doing the work, haha). So of course nail wraps are the perfect solution, and when offered a chance to try out the new Halloween designs from Glossique I jumped at the chance.

In case you don’t know, nail wraps are basically stickers made of polish. You stick them onto clean, dry nails (wipe with alcohol before applying and let dry), trim the edges, and voila! a perfect, glossy manicure that is instantly dry.  So easy!


Because the patterns I received were specifically for Halloween, and  little jazzier than my normal, boring-mom clear polish, I saved them to use on the girls – I’m sure you can imagine how excited they were! It was a little tricky trimming them to fit onto Sophie and Bebe’s tiny little fingers (Glossique’s wraps come in regular and petite sizes), but they don’t care if the edges were perfect, and I was able to get 3 or more fingers out of one strip (usually for two nails), so that just means more for later!


Application was a breeze – I wiped their nails with alcohol to clean them, and then just stuck on the stickers one at a time, pressed firmly with a cuticle stick, and filed down the tip to trim off the extra. The nails were instantly dry and ready for them to return to normal activity – no reminding them to Not. Touch. Anything! until their polish dried like I usually have to.


Glossiques wraps are safe an non-toxic, and so easy to apply, the kids could likely do it themselves! I helped them this time for the purposes of this review, but I will definitely let Izzy put her own on in the future, without worrying there will be spilled nailpolish all over someone’s bed (which has happened before.)  Glossique nail wraps also peel off easily for clean removal – no worrying about the fumes from nail polish remover, or spills ruining the finish on your tables or bathroom cabinets (which may or may not have also happened).


Sophie peeled hers off within an hour of application, and Isabelle only lasted a couple of days. However Bebe is still rocking her purple spiders, with no chips or blemishes at all after almost a week! And I don’t know if you have ever manicured a 4yo, but they aren’t exactly known for being gentle on nail polish!  Update: it has been over 3 weeks and Bebe’s nails are still going strong! They don’t look great since they’ve grown out a lot and I’ve trimmed her nails, but they are still firmly in place. Amazing! 


On the off chance this post has inspired you to get into the Halloween spirit with some festive Nail wraps from Glossique, I am happy to offer my readers a special coupon code to get you 20% all Halloween themed wraps in the online store! Simply enter code SPOOKY20 at checkout!



as always, this is NOT a sponsored post. I received four sets of Halloween nail wraps for the purposes of this review. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions expressed here are my own.


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