Gift Idea: Watchitude Watches

I am not the kind of person who typically gets the shopping done early. I mean, I’m not a Christmas Eve shopper, but I don’t really even start considering what to get the kids until after Thanksgiving. But this year I’ve been tossing around some ideas well in advance of the holiday season, and one of them was getting watches for the kids.

It might seem like a random gift, especially for Bebe who can’t even tell time yet, but I remember getting the older kids watches years ago, and they were a HUGE hit. Jack in particular wore his every single day for over a year. But of course, they’re kids so they don’t just want ANY old boring watch, and they aren’t exactly gentle on things because, again, KIDS.

Which all makes Watchitude the perfect selection.


Watchitude watches are designed specifically for kids, so they are tough enough to stand up to the rigors of living on a child’s wrist. Made from non-toxic materials (and lead-free), and water resistant so they’ll stand up to splashes, rain showers, hand washing (we can dream), and whatever else kids might put them through.

But best of all – they’re FUN!


Watchitude watches have a slap bracelet, which moms will appreciate because little kids can put them on and off on their won, but which kids will just think is awesome. I certainly remember my own obsession with slap bracelets in my youth (a hundred years ago!), and I’m pretty sure I would have gone NUTS for one that was also a watch. To be honest, I’d probably wear one even now.


And the patterns! There are SO MANY different styles! The one I was given for the purposes of this review has kittens all over it (style #316 Meow), which could not have been more perfect for cat lover Isabelle. And the other kids pored over the tiny insert included that shows all of the other patterns, deciding which ones they wanted for themselves (Sophie chose Peace & Love #272, and Bebe wants Butterfly #266). Honestly, I don’t know how they narrowed down their choices so quickly – there were tons of adorable options! And the watch faces pop out of the band (so you can set the time and change the battery), which makes mixing and matching an option too – imagine a shark face set into the lighting band for a sharknado vibe!

So that’s at least one item off my shopping list, although the surprise is blown so I better remember not to make them from Santa!


I was given a watchitude watch for the purposes of this review. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions are my own.



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