2016 Read: November/ December

Well. This is it. the final books I read this year. If you are keeping track at home, I managed an even 100 books read this year. Not too shabby considering I wasn’t even trying.

Queen of Shadows- Sarah J Maas: book 4 of the Empire of Glass series. So much happened in this book! It propelled the story forward, offered closure while setting the stage for the characters to move in new, dangerous directions in the next books.

Empire of Storms- Sarah J Maas: book 5 in the Empire of Glass, and it sets the stage for an epic showdown in the next (final?) book in the series. Ends with, not quite a cliffhanger, but definitely the characters are not where you’d hope they’d be. Which is going to make waiting for the next book to be published painful. Curse of the sci-fi/fantasy reader.

The Fireman- Joe Hill: the author is Stephen King’s son, and it shows. The talent didn’t skip a generation in that family

IQ- Joe Hill: sort of Sherlock Holmes as a black high school drop out from East Long Beach, CA solving the mystery of who is trying to kill a washed up rap star.

The Fall Guy- James Lasdun: this book was aiming for the dirty under currents of marriage and friendship, but all he got was creepy moping.

Truly Madly Guilty- Liane Moriarty: not my favorite of her books, by far. Maybe my least favorite. The big traumatic event tiptoed around for 3/4 of the book was totally predictable, making the entire thing a slog through multiple characters moping.

I’m Thinking Of Ending Things- Iain Reid: one of the reviews on Goodreads described the ending as “what fuckery is this?” and that’s pretty accurate. Mopey and rambling turns vaguely creepy before going fully off the deep end into bizarre idiocy. Skip this one

Crooked Kingdom- Leah Bardugo: sequel to Six of Crows. If you have even the slightest bit of enjoyment for YA fantasy, this duology (?) is a must read. If you haven’t ventured into YA fantasy but you like tales of tricky heists/ cons/ scrappy underdogs taking down all manner of wicked men, you’ll probably like these books.

Dark Matter- Blake Crouch: mind-bending page turner about a man fighting his way back to his real life and family through infinite possible universes.

The Whistler- John Grisham: your basic legal thriller by the guy who practically invented the genre. Low on thrills, but engaging nonetheless.

Wolf Boys- Dan Slater: about drug cartels and the intersection with several American boys from Texas in the early 2000s, this book is clearly very well researched. But even though the facts and insights are intriguing, the author fails to give it any real narrative structure. So it just sort of rambles rather than engaging.

All The Missing Girls- Megan Miranda: After a brief introduction, the rest of this story is told backwards- one day per chapter- as we work our way back to the critical event. Revolves around two missing girls- one in present day and one a decade earlier. The backwards thing probably serves to disguise the fact that nothing really happens the entire time, but it was enjoyable anyway.

The Obsidian Chamber- Preston & Child: convoluted and preposterous, but in an entertaining way. This is apparently the 16th book in a series- I wonder if the others are similarly elaborate.

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