San Francisco Day Trip

Guess what? I still haven’t finished going through all of the photos I took on our vacation so that I can organize them into one post, but considering how many there are, it is probably better if I break it up anyway.  San Fransisco features the bulk of the photos, so it probably makes sense from a publishing standpoint to have it on its own anyway.

Behold, the wonders of our day in The City:

The Bay Bridge, mere moments after we crossed it

Right out of the gate, photo participants were somewhat uncooperative. Conditions didn’t improve during the day.

First thing I saw when we got out of the car was a huge sign for beignets. So we stopped for a snack about 5 min in to our visit. Sadly, I did not get any of those macarons.

The hearts wouldn’t stay up over her knees, the dress is a little too small, and she ripped a giant hole in the tights by day’s end, but this outfit slays me.

I asked my husband to take more photos so I could actually be in some of them. I didn’t know I looked this wide

Famed Pier 39


Sea lions! I was MUCH more excited to see them than the kids were. Damn kids

in front of Alcatraz (we didn’t take the time to do the tour)

stupidly didn’t take off my sunglasses – but this is going on our christmas card anyway

Our next stop was to see the painted ladies and have a picnic, but the park was closed for renovations (and muddy), so we just sat on the sidewalk instead. So glamorous

I seriously geeked out over the architecture in San Francisco. So many gorgeous homes in the city! I have tons of pictures of random people’s houses, lol

Our next adventure was a quick drive down Lombard street. Sadly, not much of a photo destination from inside the car.

Golden Gate bridge!

I’ve never been across it before, so this was fun for me.

Seriously. So. Wide.

The hundreds of tourist all standing on the wall for photos was actually kind of funny.

After we crossed the bridge we went in to Sausalito for ice cream. And to look cool, apparently

So that’s it. It certainly seemed much more fun and exciting in real time than it does in summary. Mostly it sounds like we rode around in the car all day and ate stuff.  Which, now that I think about it, is pretty much as adventurous as I like to get.

Stay tuned for part two – the rest of the trip. Whenever I get around to posting it*


 *Update: I went through the rest of the photos from our trip, and basically everything interesting has already been posted on social media. Check out my instagram for more 


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