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I don’t know about you, but for me one of the absolute worst parts of my day is dinner.  Deciding what to make, ensuring we have the ingredients on hand, preparing the meal – I just don’t really enjoy any of it.  And let’s not get into the tiny little people who can never agree on what they like or want so there is always at least one unhappy diner at my table. Many nights I throw together some minimal offering for the kids (hot dogs anyone?), and then Brett and I are left to scrounge up whatever we can find. I won’t lie and say that doesn’t turn into ice cream for dinner fairly often (for me at least).

This past week we got the opportunity to try out a delivery service called Home Chef. Home Chef takes a lot of the pressure off dinner preparation by shipping you fresh, healthy ingredients and the recipes that go with them. They have multiple options for customizing your meals (vegetarian, gluten free, etc), and the selections were appetizing to say the least – our two meals were Crispy Bavarian Caraway Chicken with Caper sauce and Roasted Vegetables, and Blade Steak with Sun-dried Tomato-Oregano Butter, Smoky Creamed Corn and Pan Roasted Potatoes.

The ingredients were nicely packaged in a cooler box with ice, all incredibly fresh and portioned perfectly for two servings.

(I apologize for the quality of the photos – it gets dark so early and the lighting in our kitchen is terrible. But busy weeknights do not lend themselves to fancy photo setups at dinner time!)

They were all also of the highest quality. I can be very particular about my groceries (meat in particular), and I was extremely pleased with the condition and appearance of everything.

Recipes for each meal were provided on thick card stock with full color photos, and they even included a little 3 ring binder to store all the recipes in, which I though was a nice touch (although the recipes don’t include measurements so reproducing them will involve a little guesswork).

The recipes were easy to follow, and fairly simple to make – I think both meals took slightly longer than 30 minutes to prepare. But the best part? They were delicious! The steak meal was by far my favorite – usually when we make steak it turns out so tough and chewy, but this was tender and savory and the creamed corn had cheese in it, which is pretty much all you need to know to know it was awesome.

The chicken was nice, but maybe a little bland ( I didn’t care for the caper sauce), although each chicken breast itself was really nice and didn’t have any weird or nasty bits in it (I have serious issues with chicken).

Overall, I really enjoyed both meals, and I would recommend giving Home Chef a shot to anyone looking to streamline their dinner planning. My biggest cons are the cooking itself (if I’m paying for a service like this I’d rather do less cooking), but my husband actually loved following the recipe and preparing the meals. He said it was kind of like training wheels to help you become a better cook in the kitchen. The service isn’t outrageous in terms of price (each serving costs about $9.95), but it also isn’t necessarily practical for a family of 6, and as much as I enjoyed dining a deux, feeding the children and then cooking an entirely separate meal just for us (not to mention eating at 8:30pm) probably isn’t going to be a reality either. But I can totally see the appeal for single professionals, or families where both parents work all day and getting the store is a real trial.  The produce and meats were 100% up to my standards, and it is super convenient having the exact right amount of seasonings and herbs pre-bundled. Home Chef would also make a great gift for budding chefs (I actually think Isabelle would love trying her hand at cooking one of these meals) or busy friends and family.



This is NOT a sponsored post. I was given 2 free meals from Home Chef for the purposes of this review, but I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.


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