Wet And Wild

I may have mentioned last week that it was Sophie’s 8th birthday, and by “mentioned” of course I mean “shoved 47 pictures of her darling face down your throats instead of writing anything meaningful.” So Friday was her birthday, but Saturday was her present, when we took her and the other kids to the indoor water park. We don’t do birthday parties around here anymore, because I am a terrible mom and they really don’t need any more stuff.  So instead of wrangling 20 kids at some giant bounce house, we wedged our pasty winter bodies into swim gear and headed for CocoKeys.

That place is really something.  Multiple water slides, a shallow baby section, lazy river, hot tubs (adult only which was nice, but I wish there had been a kid friendly option because Bebe loves a hot tub) – it was pretty incredible. Unfortunately I was having issues with my waterproof camera, so I only managed to take a few, incredibly blurry and/or awful photos.

Which had it’s own upside – instead of worrying about capturing the perfect action shots, I just played with the kids and had a good time on my own. There is definitely a pressure to preserve every special family moment when you fill the role of family photographer, and I work hard trying to walk the line between documenting our lives and actually being present and engaged in the moment. With the option of pictures taken away, I just got to hang out – so very zen of me.

Of course, playing with the kids means I’m actually moving around and *gasp* doing things, so about half way through I was so tired, it was kind of embarrassing. Also embarrassing was how painful my knees were going up and down all the stairs from island to island. Or how out of breath I was when I climbed to the top of the biggest waterslide- which was REALLY fun, but so high I only rode it once. Meanwhile Sophie and Isabelle climbed that sucker non-stop one trip after another for at least 2 hours. And Bebe did the same thing with the smaller slides.

I am old, and in terrible physical condition, and I’m not really even sorry.

The other miraculous aspect of the day was that I never, NEVER ONCE, felt self-conscious about walking around in my bathing suit. And before you think this is any sort of humble brag, let me assure you it has nothing to do with my actual appearance. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been (not 8 months pregnant), and I’m a lovely shade of winter white, but I just never even gave it a second thought. I didn’t compare myself to any of the other women there, and I never felt awkward or shy about walking around in my swim suit – other than when I got dry enough that my fat rubbing together started to chafe. So I don’t know if that was a freak mood, or if this is just part of getting older and learning not to give a fuck, but I will take not being preoccupied about my fat rolls any day.

Self confidence aside, probably the best part of the entire day was that 3/4ths of our kids are big enough/ self sufficient enough to handle all of it on their own.  Even Bebe didn’t really need close supervision because she was tall enough for all but the very deepest pool, although we watched her like a hawk in the lazy river just to be on the safe side. Which means that after the initial spree of DO. ALL. THE. THINGS Brett and I were able to just sit down in a strategic location and have the kids check in occasionally.  Now, that location was right in the thick of it, but in a year or two we will be able to relocate to the bar without much worry.

Of course, then we will have to stay over night because we won’t be able to drive home. But hey, that sounds pretty fun too!


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