Mascara Of The Month: W3ll People/ Mineral Fusion

Time for month 2 in my mascara testing series (mascarathon?) and this month it’s a two for one special thanks to a couple of brands I was able to pick up on my regular shopping trips.

The first one I tried is from Mineral Fusion- a clean beauty brand that is available in various health food grocery stores, and even my regular HyVee! That makes this a very convenient option. They have several different formulations- I chose waterproof because that is super hard to find in natural beauty.

I like the formula, although I don’t know if it is anything super special. My lashes look … fine with it on. Not amazing, not terrible. Perfectly acceptable but nothing you’d write home about. I can’t specifically testify to the waterproof properties- the only test I gave it in that department was a trip to the water park, and there’s no mascara in the world that is going to withstand 200 gallons of water pouring over your head (which happened to me THREE TIMES- the warning bell is a pack of lies). But it doesn’t smudge or smear throughout the day, and it washes off completely at the end of the night so I’m happy.

What I don’t love is the brush. It’s really fat and it pulls out big blobs of mascara, making application less than seamless. I usually end up with spots on my eyelid, no matter how gently I brush it on. Super annoying. With another brush (one that curls!) this would be a real winner, but I probably won’t buy it again.


The second mascara I tried is from W3ll People. I have some other products from this brand (love love LOVE the concealer), and it just popped up at my Target (so much yay!), so I couldn’t wait until next month to try it.

This brush I LOVE. It seems to coat each individual hair so flawlessly and make them seem so much longer. Definitely not a thickening mascara, but for long, black, everyday lashes it is fantastic. The first couple of times I wore it I did have some under eye smudging by the late afternoon (boo hiss), but I haven’t had that problem lately, so I don’t know if I just rubbed my eyes those days or what. Hopefully those were flukes because otherwise I really like this one.

Mineral Fusion:

W3ll People:

Final verdict: I still prefer the Perfekt mascara, but either of these makes a solid backup.


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