The Whole Shebang

Turns out, I made it through Whole30 February, although I’m not gonna lie- it was a close call at the end there.

But I finished, and now that it is two week later, I figure it’s time for my final thoughts. First of all, is like to say that it really wasn’t that bad, but that is totally the glow of reminiscence/ Stockholm syndrome talking. It was awful. But I think the awfulness was maybe kind of fun? In a super masochistic way? Like poking at a bruise constantly even though you know it’s going to hurt; it sucked not being able to indulge my cravings, but whining about not being able to indulge my cravings might be my new favorite hobby. Kate Johnson: food martyr. 

Also, I ended up losing over 11 lbs! Which is BY FAR the greatest part of the entire experience- I don’t care that the official goal of Whole30 isn’t weight loss, it is totally the only reason I did it in the first place. Unfortunately, now I know that I have to maintain fairly strict rules about what I will and won’t eat in order to a) not gain the weight back immediately and b) possibly even lose the remaining 10-15 lbs.

Which brings me to point 3: reentry. The official plan involves adding one forbidden food group at a time, followed by two days back on plan so that you can accurately gauge how your body responds to each category separately, and you can then determine if anything needs to be permanently left off your daily diet. I have it a go on the first day, adding in dairy (Lattes! Cheese! Gelato!), but then normal life activities got in the way and I sort of abandoned the project. So essentially the last 2 weeks have involved the INTENTION that I’m going to stick to compliant meals, but then basically eating whatever I want. Turns out being Whole30 compliant is so much easier when it’s just a figment of your imagination!

I have been weighing myself daily, and it has been interesting seeing how my weight fluctuates depending on how off plan I eat. And there are definitely different results for different food groups. Turns out lattes made with regular or soy milk (my absolute favorite) cause me to jump up 3-4lbs, but if I use almond milk I’m fine – even with added sugar.

Sugar itself doesn’t seem to affect me that much (which I could have predicted given my response to every glucose test I’ve ever taken), but the few wheat based foods I’ve had (cookies, muffins, rolls) have made me nauseous. I did have a sandwich that was fine, but straight up baked goods are not agreeing with me. Which is helpful for weight loss but super negative in terms of my extreme love affair with cake. Also, I had some chocolate and I didn’t even like it.

I don’t know who I am anymore.

Overall, I think the mental roadblocks are going to be the most difficult to get over. Obviously there have been some physical changes in how I react to foods, and it’s going to take some time to get my brain to accept that I no longer enjoy some of the foods I previously ate to excess. And it is proving very challenging to make responsible choices when I don’t have the external pressure of The Rules limiting me.

Being an adult is stupid, and self-discipline has never been my strong suit.

But I REALLY hate it when the scale ticks upwards, so hopefully that will encourage me to keep making better choices.


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