School Started, The Sun Disappeared, It Was A Thing

I forgot to share first day of school pics from last week.

Probably because I was too busy being excited about having All. Four. Kids. In. School! 

Seriously. Can you believe this little monkey is in kindergarten?

She’s just looking so much older these days- and I know that will only increase as the year goes along. Something about the first few weeks of school makes them magically age so suddenly.

Maybe it’s the stress, lol.

This one is in 3rd grade, and I’m constantly surprised by how mature she is sometimes.

Because of her size (and because they play together so much) she tends to get lumped in with Bebe rather than with the other two, so it’s easy to forget that she’s much closer to their age. And because she’s 3rd, the trickle down chores and responsibilities don’t fall as heavy on her shoulders. I have to keep reminding myself to hold her to the standards of an almost 9yo rather than someone younger.

Fourth grade for Jack, which at our school is the final grade before middle school! I hope he gets a tough teacher this year, because his “I never have to do homework” attitude is going to cause him some issues next year when he hits the big leagues.

He has also already been felled by the dreaded Back-to-School germs, this time of a delightful intestinal variety. So let’s hope that’s the extent of our illness at this point!

And of course Isabelle. Little Miss ‘slow down you look 15 and you’re only 11’! She was so excited to start this year showing off her bright hair and no braces! Can’t wait to see how the year unfolds- she set a pretty high bar for herself last year with a 4.0 all 4 quarters.

And have I mentioned how excited I am to be alone all day? Between Isabelle starting the day after the other kids and Jack being home sick yesterday I’ve only actually had one day of solitude, but I’m pretty sure it was the greatest day of my life.

And my house has never been cleaner. Yesterday I cloroxed the hell out of the kitchen and bathrooms (I am NOT getting stomach flu!), and I still had time to watch a movie with Jack and attempt some photos of the eclipse.

So far today I’ve swept, mopped, done a load of laundry, and written this post – and it’s not even noon!

Yeah. I think it’s going to be a good year!


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