Not That Kind Of Football

I’m officially a soccer mom! Aside from a brief experiment six years ago, my kids have been woefully uninterested in playing soccer so far. In fact, until this year they’ve been uninterested in most sports. And in reading. Or anything that isn’t on an iPad. I’m really nailing this parenting thing.

But this has all changed suddenly, and after spring’s packed schedule of baseball, basketball, and dance, we have FINALLY found ourselves on the soccer pitch.

And not just for one kid.


Naturally, Bebe’s games are ridiculously cute. She points at the goal whenever someone else has the ball

and she gives the cutest little clap whenever a goal is scored.

She also dabs on the sidelines when it’s her turn to sit out.

Too funny. Jacks games are on a different level. His team has come up against some real players, and he’s old enough that running for an hour straight isn’t quite as easy as it use to be.

I’d like to believe that it’s a coincidence he wants to play goalie, but let’s be honest; he’s most likely avoiding the running.

He’s totally my son, lol.

Sophie is on a little bit of a different schedule, and she’s only had a couple of practices and one game. It started out kind of rough, because no one had a clue what they were supposed to do and the other team did, but they started getting the idea by the end and there was some good hustle out there.

She’s fast as lightning, so if she gets a little better at keeping control of the ball she could be unstoppable.

Or she could end up spacing out and just running around in Sophieland. It’s always hard to tell with her.

Meanwhile, Isabelle is experiencing life as a soccer orphan. Most games and practices she votes to stay home, but I may force her to come more often if it keeps a book in her hands!

So there you have it! My life long dream of being a soccer mom is finally being realized. And the kids’ dreams of sitting in random fields all over town are coming true.

If you need me between now and October, you know where I’ll be.




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