What I Read 2017- September/October 

A Wrinkle In Time- Madeline L’Engle: I can’t remember ever reading this as a kid, so I figured I’d give it a whirl before the movie comes out (and while I waited for any of my books on hold to come in). And  I can only assume that it’s originality for the time period it was published is what has granted it classic status because *looks around furtively and whispers* it’s TERRIBLEDefinitely won’t be reading the rest of the series.

Hit Me- Lawrence Block: picked this up because none of my books on hold were in and it had been DAYS since I read anything. Turns out I’d read it before, but didn’t remember. Not a great recommendation.

Beautiful Animals- Lawrence Osborne: I think the goal was some sort of sun-baked, slow-burn melodrama where the tension ratchets up so slowly you barely notice it strangling you. Instead it just fell limp, rendered bloodless by its own emotionless torpor.

The Skull Throne- Peter V. Brett: book 4 in The Demon Cycle. Definitely a unique and enjoyable series of you like magical fantasy. But I’d recommend waiting for the entire series to be finished because this author loves a sudden ending. Book 3 ended with a literal cliffhanger, and this one ends even more abruptly- it’s practically a fragment sentence in the middle of a conversation. Thank goodness the next (and final) book comes out in a couple of weeks!

The Grip Of It- Jac Jemc: Haunted house novel about a young couple’s descent into madness that manages not to be even slightly creepy, much less terrifying. Could be a hell of a movie though.

The Thief- Megan Whalen Turner: book 1 of The Queen’s Thief series. YA or might as well be, this is a fast, fun read with an appealing protagonist and simple plot. Hopefully the rest of the series continues to be so enjoyable.

The Queen of Attolia- Megan Whalen Turner: Queen Thief book 2. A vast divergence from the first book, this one was a bone dry play by play of royal machinations, wholly lacking in any sense of intrigue. There was zero character development, and therefore zero emotional involvement in anything that happened. I’m torn in deciding whether to continue with this series or not.

Every Last Lie- Mary Kubica: wanna be thriller about a woman struggling with grief and the truth after the death of her husband. Unfortunately, she refused to tell her daughter that her father had died (and behaved generally stupidly), so any sympathy I might have invested was lost in outright hatred of the character.

Frostblood- Elly Blake: this is a YA fantasy novel, somyou know there is a heroine with rare powers facing down a seemingly unbeatable foe, and a romance with scarred stranger who at first she can’t stand. Predictable doesn’t mean unenjoyable.

Fireblood- Elly Blake: book 2 in the Frostblood series. Just as good, if not better than the first book. I look forward to the next volume coming out in June.

Three Dark Crowns- Kendare Blake: YA fantasy about a mystical island where three queens are born, raised separately while being trained in magical gifts, and after their 16th birthday expected to kill each other. The survivor becomes queen.

The Snowman- Jo Nesbø: picked this up because the trailer for the movie looked good and creepy. Very pleased to find it is a highly enjoyable thriller, as well as only one book (the 7th) in a 10 book series. Love it when a good read leads to more books!

The Bat- Jo Nesbø: book one of the Harry Hole series. And sadly, the killer is mentioned in The Snowman so I knew who did it all along. But still a good thriller (plus, the name in Norwegian is Flagermussmanen, which is freaking awesome).


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