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Flashback Friday vol.1

I’m friends with lots of bloggers on Facebook, and even part of a crowdsourcing group for when people need input on a certain subject. And I always try to weigh in if I have a relevant anecdote, mostly because I … Continue reading

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Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

So- we’ve been in California for the past week, but did I post any amazing pictures or keep you up to date on all the fun stuff we were doing? Nope. I’m a terrible blogger. I posted some pics on … Continue reading

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Yesterday was Labor Day, which means its time for the kids go back to school… and for me to finally write about the kids going back to school since the actual first day was 3 weeks ago. Whoops. I’m not … Continue reading

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Photo Dump

We’ve been in Steamboat for a little over a week now, having an amazing time of course.  And naturally I haven’t blogged at all, because I’ve been busy being lazy and watching children in the pool.  I was also a … Continue reading

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Springtime With Bebe

Now that the week of endless rain has abated, we are finally having some of the good kind of spring weather.  The kind of weather that just reinforces my opinion that there is no reason for it ever to be … Continue reading

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