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The Whole Shebang

Turns out, I made it through Whole30 February, although I’m not gonna lie- it was a close call at the end there. But I finished, and now that it is two week later, I figure it’s time for my final … Continue reading

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Whole Lot Of Nothing

Guess which bird is me? In a fit of lunacy, I somehow let myself get talked in to doing Whole30 for the month of February. In case you are unaware of what that is, that means you go 30 days … Continue reading

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Simple Habit For Daily Meditation

For the past year, I’ve been having bouts of unexplained anxiety (and some that is TOTALLY explained) off and on. I’ll wake up nervous and twitchy, and I’ll spend all day (or week) feeling like I have butterflies or I’ve … Continue reading

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Out Patient

It’s been almost a full year since Sophie’s monkey bar accident, and this morning we had one final X-ray exam to make sure that the bones in her wrist are healing properly.

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Healthy Munchies

Like any concerned parent, I try to make sure that my kids are eating properly, which of course can be a challenge when their only approved foods are pizza and candy.¬† And of course, my own unhealthy obsession with sugary … Continue reading

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