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Dishwasher Saga Part Eleventy Billion

Last week, Tuesday I believe it was, our oven crapped out on us. There are a lot of things in desperate need of replacing in this house, but I had thought the oven wasn’t one of them, so that was … Continue reading

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For awhile the plan has been to move Bebe into the room Sophie and Isabelle share, and give Isabelle her own room.  This would give Sophie the opportunity to sleep on the top bunk, and izzy gets the privacy her … Continue reading

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We Have Desk

I’d blog today, but I spent my entire work time turning this: into this: Twice. The first time I built it with shelves on the right, which I know would have made some of them unusable, but I just have … Continue reading

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Bebe’s Room

Now that Beatrice is 16 months old, I bet you are all just dying over the fact that I never showed you any pictures of her nursery.  No? Well, let’s pretend, shall we? The room was originally painted a light … Continue reading

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1-2-3 Art With Easy Canvas Prints

I get offers all the time to write about this or that product, sometimes getting it for free, but I usually turn them down because they aren’t really products I’m interested in. But last week when Megan from Easy Canvas … Continue reading

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