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They Didn’t Get It From Me

I am not artistic. I think I have a good eye for design, but as far as actually creating something decent you best look elsewhere. And so far, I’ve lived my life never really feeling that lack, although it must … Continue reading

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Seasons Creepings

The kids bring home all kinds of papers and artwork from school everyday. I sort through it all, admiring their good grades and efforts, and then the cream of the crop gets hung on the wall or saved in a … Continue reading

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Rosy Cheeks

Last night, after a lovely dinner at my parents house for which we let the kids stay up extra late (8pm, rebels), we were rushing around getting everyone in jammies and teeth brushed. My husband was busy on the phone … Continue reading

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This post is about boobs.  MY boobs.  So Dad, Husband, you may want to just click away to some other more dude-friendly site and come back tomorrow. So, here’s the thing – I’ve had four kids (and I almost typed … Continue reading

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Random And A Rant

We have a weather station thingy that has the temperature inside and out, and the humidity, and all other various lights and symbols, none of which i have the slightest idea what they mean or how they relate to me.  … Continue reading

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