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Calling All Target and Old Navy Talent Scouts (heh)

Obviously, companies like Old Navy and Target are not falling all over themselves to snap up my photos (and child styling services), but they should really reconsider, because how cute did Bebe look this morning? Naturally, my camera was not … Continue reading

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Today In Microfashion

Like any other mom on Pinterest or Instagram, I love seeing all the little tiny fashionista toddlers in their fur vests, over sized sunglasses and whimsical beanies, and I just love the term “microfashion.” Like just because the bodies are … Continue reading

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The Birds And The Bees

I am not a morning person. I am not on top of things mentally first thing in the morning, as I learned yesterday when Jack wanted to play 20 questions and I could even remember what I had asked. So … Continue reading

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Parks and Recreation 

It’s spring break! It’s 70 degrees! I’m still not an outdoor person, but I would be the worst mother in the world if I didn’t take my kids to the park at least a little bit this week. Thank goodness … Continue reading

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Snow Day Redux

Today was a snow day.  Again.  Which makes a certain kind of sense because we got more than 2 inches and they still haven’t gotten their heads out of their asses far enough to clear all of the snow from … Continue reading

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