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What I Wore: April and May

April had a sum total of 4 outfits I even bothered photographing, so I just decided to combine it with May. Because God forbid I admit I’ve given up on my appearance completely and stop boring you with documentation of … Continue reading

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Hair Dreams

My hair is looking pretty good these days (in my opinion). At least as far as length and color go. There are certainly many other conditions that need to be met for me to actually pull off a good hair … Continue reading

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My New Eyepatch Obsession

Let me just start off by saying this is NOT a sponsored post. I’ve mentioned before that I have an issue with dark under eye circles, and that I’ve been searching for something that might lessen the discoloration so I … Continue reading

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2016 Outfit Roundup: March

I’ve been making an effort to get back into a gym routine (i.e. slowly paddling an elliptical while watching movies), so now my constant leggings and sneakers actually SERVE A PURPOSE rather than indicating laziness/ being too fat for everything … Continue reading

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A New Personal Level Of Incompetancy

We all know that my personal style is, how shall I say it… less than cutting edge. And I can only own up to my own slipping standards- which came first: my new adherence to a sweatpants only regime or … Continue reading

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