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Lumo Lift For Perfect Posture

Posture has never been my strong suit, probably because I’m literally too lazy to stand up straight, although the abuse my abs have taken after carrying 4 kids likely doesn’t help.  Plus I’m always hunched over a book or my … Continue reading

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Lost Then Found

I hate losing things. Even stupid things I probably wouldn’t want if I had the choice make me completely insane if lost. Seriously, it’s like a mental illness; nothing devolves me into complete obsession like losing something. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Who Knew I Had A Talent For Bodywork?

Several weeks ago, on one of our special, special, windy Nebraska days, the wind ripped my car door out of my hands and slammed it into the cart return at the grocery store. Instant dent, with a lovely crack in … Continue reading

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Wraps Headphones

I don’t know if anyone else has an issue finding headphones they like, but it seems to be a never ending search over here. The over the head ones end up hurting my ears after awhile (or cost WAY too … Continue reading

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Idea Of The Day: Mumsy Lingerie

Several days ago, as I dressed after my evening shower, it came to my realization that my undergarments were looking a little sad.  Upon further reflection, I determined the reason for this was likely the fact that the contents of … Continue reading

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