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Simple Habit For Daily Meditation

For the past year, I’ve been having bouts of unexplained anxiety (and some that is TOTALLY explained) off and on. I’ll wake up nervous and twitchy, and I’ll spend all day (or week) feeling like I have butterflies or I’ve … Continue reading

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Sophie Saturday 

From time to time I try and take a couple of hours to do something one on one with the kids. We’ll go to lunch, or bowling, or some other activity where we can spend a little time together without … Continue reading

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15 Seconds Of Fame Adjacent

Last Friday a friend sent out a little missive asking her mom friends to send her video of themselves dancing with their kids to Justin Timberlake’s new song. Naturally I immediately got to work filming, and then dealing with my … Continue reading

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Wax On Wax Off

Because my life is a thrill a minute, the usual highlight of my Saturday nights consists of refilling my vitamin pill boxes for the week.  But this past weekend I decided to live even more on the edge and give … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday

Yesterday was SO busy!  For normal people it was probably a regular day, but for lazy old me who never does anything but drives kids to and from school and maybe go to the grocery store, it was a perfect … Continue reading

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