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Unintentional Over-Scheduling

Contrary to many of my parenting peers, I do not fall into the ‘kids must play sports, participate in structured activities’ category. I grew up practicing gymnastics 25 hours a week during school (40 hours a week in the summer- … Continue reading

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15 Seconds Of Fame Adjacent

Last Friday a friend sent out a little missive asking her mom friends to send her video of themselves dancing with their kids to Justin Timberlake’s new song. Naturally I immediately got to work filming, and then dealing with my … Continue reading

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Today In Microfashion

Like any other mom on Pinterest or Instagram, I love seeing all the little tiny fashionista toddlers in their fur vests, over sized sunglasses and whimsical beanies, and I just love the term “microfashion.” Like just because the bodies are … Continue reading

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Still Here, Still Loving It

Oh look, turns out that having tons of fun things to do is even WORSE for my blogging than nothing. I’m just too busy having fun and enjoying spending time with my kids to stop and write it all down, … Continue reading

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They Didn’t Get It From Me

I am not artistic. I think I have a good eye for design, but as far as actually creating something decent you best look elsewhere. And so far, I’ve lived my life never really feeling that lack, although it must … Continue reading

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