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Mammo Me-a

So, despite my lack of blogging about it, my 40th birthday did actually arrive on schedule last December. I’m now officially a middle aged woman – with all of the inherent glory and special treatment that comes along with that. … Continue reading

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DermaE Eye Care

I have been blessed with pretty good genes as far as skin goes. I have a few expression related wrinkles, but other than that my skin still looks pretty good.  However, I do have dark under eye circles, which unfortunately … Continue reading

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3, 2, One Contact

My vision isn’t perfect.  It’s good enough that I managed to pass the test for my driver’s license without any corrective lenses, but I definitely can’t be expected to do any sharp shooting any time soon.  Or sign reading.  Or … Continue reading

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3-2-1 Contact

I got glasses in 5th grade, and while of course suddenly being able to see things more than a few feet in front of me was delightful, wearing them all the time was certainly not fabulous (clearish plastic frames anyone?).  … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreamless

Early this morning, my husband’s phone alarm woke me up.  On vibrate.  From DOWNSTAIRS. This is seriously getting ridiculous. As a kid I was a deep sleeper, but as I’ve gotten older that has slowly changed, and the past 6-7 … Continue reading

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