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Healthy Munchies

Like any concerned parent, I try to make sure that my kids are eating properly, which of course can be a challenge when their only approved foods are pizza and candy.¬† And of course, my own unhealthy obsession with sugary … Continue reading

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The Birds And The Bees

I am not a morning person. I am not on top of things mentally first thing in the morning, as I learned yesterday when Jack wanted to play 20 questions and I could even remember what I had asked. So … Continue reading

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Training Day

For over a year Beatrice has been in pull up diapers. We’ve sat on the potty, with zero success, countless times. Commitment has been minimal, interest almost non existent, and progress has been zero. But now we are coming to … Continue reading

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The Age Of Opportunity

The Age of Opportunity deals with the adolescent period of development, enumerating the growth the brain goes through physically, as well as potential boons/ pitfalls that can occur psychologically. To be honest, when I was asked to read this book … Continue reading

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Honey Badger Goes To School

Sophie is not killing it in kindergarten. Sure, she’s having a bang up time, but she already had a note sent home about her failure to pay attention and she’s been demoted from working on sight words to simply practicing … Continue reading

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