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Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Oh, Hey! Remember how I have a blog? Yeah, me neither, apparently. But honestly, I’ve discovered that the more plans I have for writing posts… the less writing I actually do.  Which is why my skin care routine post that … Continue reading

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My Soul Is Not For Sale

If you’re looking for something to get angry about this election, there’s definitely plenty to choose from. But I’m seeing more and more vitriolic, insulting posts directed at anyone with the gall to even consider voting 3rd party.  And it’s … Continue reading

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Be The Change

Oh look. Another mass shooting. Another individual so crippled by hate and rage and self loathing that he must inflict pain upon the world to feel important.  And now we have the inevitable flood of gum flapping and hand waving … Continue reading

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Hair Dreams

My hair is looking pretty good these days (in my opinion). At least as far as length and color go. There are certainly many other conditions that need to be met for me to actually pull off a good hair … Continue reading

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Behold, A Rant Of Epic Proportion

I am a woman. I have three daughters. Obviously the issue of female equality is important to me. But I have to say that lately I’m getting a little fed up with the propaganda I’ve been seeing, because it is … Continue reading

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