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Spoiler Alert

*note: this post contains complaints about spoilers. And also actual spoilers. Consider yourself warned* Can we all agree there a certain people out there who ruin it for everyone? You know, those people who, whenever there is some big, watershed … Continue reading

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New Fall Tv

My thoughts on the new fall programming I’ve seen so far: The Blacklist: love it. James Spader is having the greatest time chewing scenery  and jerking around the FBI as a super villain who has mysteriously surrendered and started exposing … Continue reading

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Last weekend, in my solitary glory, I watched the entire first season of Orange is the New Black (fab – loved it).  And when that was over and I still had precious alone time to fill, I started Breaking Bad. … Continue reading

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Argo Fete Yourself

Ah, the Oscars.  So long, so boring, so pointless because I hardly ever see the movies people consider award worthy.  And still I watch. This year I had seen four of the best picture contenders: Argo, Les Miserables, Silver Linings … Continue reading

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Relaunch Firefly

I have written before about Firefly and how much I love the show and wish there had been more than one season.  And also about how you should check it out – and now’s your chance!  Discovery Science channel will … Continue reading

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