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Mascara Of The Month: Perfekt Lash Gel

Remember when I said I was going to try out a bunch of natural mascaras and then review them for you in my search to find the best one? Way back in September? Turns out, the very next mascara I … Continue reading

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A Handy Flow Chart For Winning At Life

   That’s pretty much it. 

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The Failure Of Society

Second semester, the third graders in our elementary school all participate in an economic unit called Mini Society. The students are each tasked with creating a product, and then selling it to the other students on market days. They earn … Continue reading

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Magic Cure For Muscle Spasms

My grandfather always swore by a spoonful of regular yellow mustard to stop a muscle cramp. Fortunately, I’m long past my gymnast days when I used to wake up with excruciating cramps in my calves- I guess there is a … Continue reading

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How To: Do A Risk Free Diaper Change

We’ve all heard about people getting peed on while changing their babies (usually boys), and while this isn’t a super common occurrence, it does happen – even with girls.  Most of the time having the baby pee right at the … Continue reading

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