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And Then He Was Ten

Today is Jack’s tenth birthday. Hard to believe in so many ways – that he is already ten, that he is only ten. He’s a rascal, a whip smart smart-ass, the cat’s favorite person in the entire world, and pretty … Continue reading

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Fourth Baby Is Four

Beatrice turned four today.  FOUR.  As in, I have had four children, for four years.  I’m not even sure how that’s possible, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to blink and they’ll all be twenty. And this one.  My pseudo … Continue reading

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15 Seconds Of Fame Adjacent

Last Friday a friend sent out a little missive asking her mom friends to send her video of themselves dancing with their kids to Justin Timberlake’s new song. Naturally I immediately got to work filming, and then dealing with my … Continue reading

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Today She Is Ten

Isabelle turned ten today.  TEN.  As in, years old.  I can’t believe it.  I also can’t believe that it has been six years since I made her a birthday video. I can, however, believe that I waited until the very … Continue reading

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Look At That!

Beatrice doesn’t really speak. No “hi’s,” no “mamas,” no nothing. She babbles like a champ though, always telling you things in a very conversational tone of gibberish, and chattering away in her crib at naptime.  A lot of it is … Continue reading

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