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Summer Of Buffy

Today is the last day of summer. Seriously. 

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Wet And Wild

I may have mentioned last week that it was Sophie’s 8th birthday, and by “mentioned” of course I mean “shoved 47 pictures of her darling face down your throats instead of writing anything meaningful.” So Friday was her birthday, but … Continue reading

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Springtime With Bebe

Now that the week of endless rain has abated, we are finally having some of the good kind of spring weather.  The kind of weather that just reinforces my opinion that there is no reason for it ever to be … Continue reading

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Thus Far

I promise not to completely overwhelm you with a million photos for every single day of our trip, or more accurately, the rate of photos taken will probably decrease as we do fall onto our new summer routine.  But for … Continue reading

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Into The Woods

Saturday night Sophie woke me up around 1am, for no discernible reason, and I spent the next two hours with mind racing before I finally fell back asleep.  During that time I thought of at LEAST 4 great ideas for … Continue reading

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