About Me

My name is Kate Johnson. I am a mom of four children: Isabelle, Jackson, Sophie and Beatrice. I had my first three kids in under three years, meaning I spent the better part of four years pregnant. And then, once everyone was basically self sufficient, I had the bright idea to get pregnant again.  Go me!  I don't do any work other than the typical slave labor expected of all mothers, and for this back breaking effort I am paid a king's ransom of hugs and kisses. And occasionally handed poop.

I love sarcasm, tv, fashion and my children. Not necessarily in that order.

This blog is where I vent, exaggerate, brag and do all of my self-congratulating. It is also where I post pictures and videos of the four most precious babies in the world, so feel free to post comments on their gloriousness. My gloriousness may also be expounded upon.

I don't often write reviews, but when I do I will always be upfront about items I have received as compensation or posts that feature sponsored content.  If you have an opportunity or would like to work with me, please email practicalpablum@gmail.com

Thanks for taking a few of your precious minutes to ponder my existence and read my words; I hope it was worth it because you'll never get that time back.