About Me

My name is Kate Johnson. There are many with that name, but only one of me.

I am a creator of four children in six years, which to date is still my greatest achievement. I don’t do any work other than the typical slave labor expected of all mothers, and for this back breaking effort I am well paid in attitude, hugs and kisses. I’m also occasionally handed poop.

I love sarcasm, tv, and my children. Not necessarily in that order.

This blog is where I vent, exaggerate, brag and do all of my self-congratulating. It is where I post pictures and tell stories of life with the four most precious children in the world, so feel free to comment on their gloriousness. My gloriousness may also be expounded upon. I also like to review products I’ve tried, and I will always be upfront about items I have received for free or posts that feature sponsored content.  If you have an opportunity or would like to work with me, please view my media kit, or email lonek8@gmail.com

Thanks for taking a few of your precious minutes to ponder my existence and read my words; I hope it was worth it because you’ll never get that time back.



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3 Responses to About Me

  1. Mo says:

    I love the new blog design! How are you liking the move to WordPress?

    • blank lonek8 says:

      I like it. Sort of petered out exploring all my options after I got the initial set up done so I’m still not sure what I can do. But I’m glad I switched!

  2. lynnzee says:

    Oh Queen of Sarcastic Wit, i send accolades once again for your great talent and insight as a writer (loved your essay “Washington is FUBAR”), humorist, and highly successful producer of my gorgeous grand-nieces and nephew! Love reading your stuff, lady! And look fwd to seeing you et al again later this year!

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